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The Golfing Machine

24 Components Analysis

The 24 Components Analysis is a three-phase practice pakage the is based on the comprehensive swing theory - The Golfing Machine.

The analysis will be especially interesting for a player that wants to understand every bit and detail about his or her own swing. However, the analysis will help any player on their road to improvement.


The Golfing Machine describes the golf swing by mechanics and physics. The theory states that a golf swing consists of 24 components. The components are from grip type (Ch. 7-2) to release type (Ch. 7-10 Hinge Action) and from Hip Action (Ch. 7-15) to Power Package Loading Action (Ch. 7-22). Don't worry if these terms are unfamiliar. I will teach you what is important for your development as a golfer.

Phase 1 - Video and Lesson 1

The first lesson will consist of capturing your golf stroke on video. You will receive immediate instruction based on the video.

Phase 2 - Analysis

Before your second lesson, I will analyze your golf stroke and you will receive a printout stating which variations of the 24 components are happening in your stroke. The analysis will be the basis for your steps to developing a more power golf stroke.

Phase 3 - Lesson 2 Based on the Analysis

During the second lesson, we will go through the analysis together. I will explain what components need to be changed in your swing according to your needs. You will learn what the critical components are for you, the desired swing feels like and receive drills to improve your stroke.


Price: 150 €

Includes 2 hours of instruction, the analysis, mat rental and practice balls

You can find more information about The Golfing Machine here

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