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Ilkka Helavirta

Golf Instructor Ilkka Helavirta

I am currently the only Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor in Finland. Additionally I am a Level 3 Finnish Golf Union Instructor.

I strive to improve players' games and I look at players on a wide perspective. Technique is an important part of good golf, but it is not the only part. Physical well-being, tactics and the mental game are also important elements. I want to help you in all of these areas.

Come for a lesson, your game will improve!

There are many ways I would like to help you improve your game. The winter season practice occurs at the Golf Areena in Espoo. You can find more information about my services here.

Contact me

Contact me today and you will be one step closer to a better golf game!

+358 45 678 4830

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