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You will find information about my services on this page.


Training during the winter season is held in the warm and well-lit Golf Areena.

Address: Portti 7, 02270 Espoo


In case you didn't find a suitable choice, contact me.

Together we can find a solution to your needs.

Private Lessons

During a private lesson, you will improve your technique. I utilize video analysis and there is the option to use the Foresight GC2 monitor.

Once you get 2 of your friends to attend a lesson, get your own lesson for free!

Ilkka Helavirta

The Golfing Machine 24 Components Analysis

The Golfing Machine is a  comprehensive theory about the golf swing. The thoery explains the swing via geometry and physics.


The 24 Components Analysis is a 2 hour lesson package based on The Golfing Maching theory.

Ilkka Helavirta

Coaching Program

If you are serious about improving your scores, committing to focused and well-planned practice is the way to go.


During the program, we will identify the critical elements holding you back and improve them via correct practice methodology.

Ilkka Helavirta

Stability Tests

The purpose of the tests is to measure the potential your body has to create an effective golf swing. We will identify your abilities in stability, mobility and strength that are especially important in the golf swing.

You will learn how to train to improve your abilities and ultimately improve your game!

Ilkka Helavirta
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